Brownstone buying assistance to avoid overpaying

We’ll make sure you make a smart purchase by saving money and avoid owning a brownstone with maintenance and violation issues

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  • Smooth transaction with limited risk
  • No pressure to over pay and buy within a certain time period
  • A team of people that will be with you even after the transaction is complete

Are you aware of the hidden cost of owning a brownstone?

  • Buying a brownstone then later finding out it has structural issues
  • Buying a brownstone then finding out you can't renovate it
  • Buying a brownstone then finding out that you inherited some bills
  • Purchasing a brownstone with the wrong type of loan
  • Overpaying for a brownstone and not getting any appreciation

We'll make sure you make a smart purchase by saving money and avoid owning a brownstone that will give you a headache.

My name is Stanley Montfort and I help people make smart brownstone purchases.

We understand the stress of purchasing a brownstone, the time it takes to find the brownstone and then after making a large purchase your life is disrupted with hidden maintenance costs, violation issues, and being harassed by the city. 

Since the start of the pandemic we have facilitated over a BILLION dollars of brownstone transactions. Because of our experience we know the exact steps to make your purchase go smoothly and we can do it for you also

What can our clients expect from us?

Identify On & Off Market Brownstones

With our efficient brownstone searching process we'll provide you with weekly updates of both on and off market brownstones to not waste your time seeing properties that do not fit your search criteria

Avoid a Troublesome Brownstone

With our brownstone due diligence process you'll keep more money in your pocket and avoid costly mistakes

Get Access To The Best Attorneys, Contractors, and Inspectors In The Industry

With our experienced team, you'll move through the transaction efficiently and will not go through the brownstone purchasing process blind

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Efficient Brownstone Buying Plan

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We'll listen to your requirements, give you an overview of the market/process and you can decide if we're a good fit

We Get to Work

We'll curate on market and off market brownstone showings for you that fit your criteria

Enjoy your dream brownstone

You'll live in your brownstone without any worries

Services That We Offer

Our dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified team is at your service to assist you with your real estate goals, whether purchasing or selling property.

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“Stan was great to work with - accommodating and responsive to our needs. He gave us quick answers to questions we had, follows up with the landlord on items we needed during the search process, and made sure we had what we needed to get the apartment and move…”

“Stanley is an amazing agent. I met him on the street where I used to live. He asked a lot of questions about what we were looking for in our next home and he sent me listings that he thought suited our needs. And he did it: In a few months he found us our…”

“Stanley was very communicative, transparent, and thoughtful throughout my partner’s and my process of finding an apartment! He made sure to keep us updated as the landlord considered our application, and advocated on our behalf.”

“We worked with Stanley on finding a new place and we had a great experience! Stanley was prompt, professional, and very accommodating about our timeline. Thank you!”

“I had the pleasure of working with Stanley when finding a beautiful apartment for me and my partner. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the building and its management. He was on top of all parts of the application process and continued to…”

“Stanley is the best of the best! As new New Yorkers, the buying process was very overwhelming at first. Stanley was patient and knowledge and helped us so much. We eventually found out dream apartment and he helped us navigate the complicated co-op board…”

What’s Included When Working With Us

Closing Costs Savings: We’ll assess each house to see if it qualifies to save you thousands of dollars at closing 

Zero Cost Service: You’ll have an experience team to rely on without any additional expenses‎  

Pricing Analysis: We’ll pull historical data and conduct a pricing analysis to ensure you’re never over paying for your brownstone

Off Market Properties: We have a dedicated team that regularly engages with owners to find off-market opportunities that fit your needs 

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